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03 July 2011


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Shyam Yadav

Hi Leonid,
I am Shyam Yadav from Mumbai. I work on Sybase Unwired Platform.
My problem is when I get data from Oracle and put it into Sybase (CDB i.e Cached Database) all the Table data with type TIMESTAMP are added with +05:30.

Please provide some solution as it is high priority task for me.

Thanks & Regards,
Shyam Yadav

Leonid Gvirtz

Hi Shyam

Are you sure that you don't use TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE datatype instead of TIMESTAMP? For TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE columns the observed behavior is expected. A small example:

create table test_ts(fid int, fts timestamp, fts_tz timestamp with time zone) in system;

insert into test_ts values (1, getdate(), getdate());
select * from test_ts;

-- The result
-- 1,'2013-09-06 14:02:10.571','2013-09-06 14:02:10.571+03:00'

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