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03 November 2013


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Please help me

My query is
how to split Multi character delimiter in sybase database.

for example: String is "hihow@$#iamfine@$#howu r@$#sorry"
ouput is :

Leonid Gvirtz


Your comment seems to be not related to my post, but anyway:
I suppose that the number of delimited values in the row is not known in advance. I don't see any easy way to solve this problem in ASE. If you want to do it generic, you may want to implement something similar to sp_lg_print_table procedure, that can be found in Downloads section on my website. The procedure allows to unpivot any result set. Since your input is not really a result set (no real columns), you will need to do some extra work to discover at least the number of delimited values ("columns") in your input.
I think that the better way to solve this problem is not to try to solve it directly, any solution will be poorly scalable. Sometimes, changing of the design is the best way to go. Another possible option is to parse your delimited string on the client.

Mr M

I have a very large table (millions of rows) that is inserted/updated hundreds of times a minute that is the bulk of the MV. If I turn on automatic update of the MV this will surely dramaticalky slow down the insert/update to this key table which I cannot afford to happen. And if I do manual updating of MV the MV data will be stale.... Miffed!

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